Denver Violins brings valuable resources to string players along the Front Range of Colorado and beyond. 



Our inventory of available instruments has been carefully selected, setup, and adjusted to offer the best quality in a variety of prices.  We focus on quality over quantity and work with you to find an instrument that is tailored to fit your playing.  

Sound Adjustments

As musicians ourselves, we understand that your instrument needs to be in its best working condition.  We sit down with you and your instrument to make adjustments with your guidance.  This interactive approach ensures that everything will work for you the way it should.


A rental instrument needs to be setup and adjusted just as well as a professional one.  We take care that our rental instruments are of the highest quality and adjusted properly so that the student can focus on learning to play. Click here to learn more.

Bow Rehairs

We offer expert bow rehairs and repairs, as well as restoration work. 



Violin Repair

Denver Violins is pleased to work with Studio K Violins for extensive restoration and repairs.

Louis (Lee) Kupersmith has been in the violin world for the past 30 years. Primarily trained as a restorer,  he has had the fortunate opportunity to have worked for some of the country's best shops - from Chicago, to Boston, Seattle, and San Francisco. Being well versed in small repairs to the most complex of restoration projects, he is also sought after for his expertise in tonal adjustments and professional set ups - be it violin, viola, or cello, and yes, even bass.  He has a passion to bring forth the best of what your instrument can be.


He also makes new instruments which are inspired by some of the great makers of the past.