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A rental instrument needs to be setup and adjusted just as well as a professional one.  We take care that our rental instruments are of the highest quality and adjusted properly so that the student can focus on learning to play.

We offer violin, viola, and cello rentals available in all sizes. Rental instruments come standard with the instrument, bow, rosin, and case.  Extras like shoulder rests and additional strings can also be purchased from us.

Please see pricing and details below, or give us a call!



Refundable Deposit: $75 Violin, Viola | $125 Cello


$25 | Violin

$30 | Viola

$60 | Cello



$240 | Violin

$290 | Viola

$575 | Cello



$5/Month for All Instruments

For just $5/month, we cover all regular maintenance including broken strings, slipping pegs, bow rehairs and more! For more info, see our Insurance Plan.


Your rental payments (excluding insurance) count 100% toward the future purchase of an instrument of equal or greater value! For more info, see our Equity/Purchase Plan.


Please download and fill out the form for your instrument of choice, and return it to us HERE at






Equity / Purchase plan: All (100%) of your rental payments (excluding insurance) count as equity towards the possible purchase of your rental instrument, or up to half (50%) of a future purchase of an instrument of greater value. Equities from different instruments (i.e. violin, viola, or cello) or different contracts cannot be combined. However, this is NOT a “rent-to-own” plan. Instead, it allows you to purchase an instrument of equal or greater value in the future, using the rental equity you have accumulated. Your rental contact does NOT automatically convert into a purchase once the rental fee you have paid exceeds the value of the instrument. If you plan to purchase the instrument you have been renting, it is your responsibility to keep track of your equity and notify us when you would like to make the purchase. You are not obligated to purchase the instrument you are renting.

Sizing: The Denver Violins rental program includes free sizing upgrades. Please contact us to set up an appointment once the player is ready for a sizing upgrade.

Insurance: Denver Violins offers an insurance program that covers all regular maintenance (e.g. broken strings, slipping pegs, warped bridge, and bow rehair) and accidental damage. It does NOT, however, cover gross negligence, theft, loss, fire/water damage, heat damage, damage due to excessive dryness, intentional damage, or shipping costs. We are not obligated to replace an instrument which is repairable. Insurance is not in effect during air or overseas travel, or after the expiration of your rental. If the renter declines our insurance offer, she/he will be responsible for all maintenance, damage, or loss, and we reserve the right to charge the cost of repair or replacement, minus deposit, to any credit card on file. We must perform all repairs on rental instruments. In case of an out-of-town emergency, please contact us for authorization.

Fee Structure / Deposit / Payment Policy: Rental fees must be paid in advance, through the end of the current month/year. Rent must be paid for the entire time an instrument is in the renter’s possession, regardless of whether or not the instrument is being used. Instruments may be rented at either the monthly or annual rate. There are no refunds for annual rentals. All rentals require a deposit payable at the beginning of the rental period. Rental deposits are eligible for a refund if the instrument is returned at least three months past the rent start date and upon the instrument being returned in good condition. Rent paid by check that fails to be honored by your bank will incur a $30.00 (per occurrence) Returned Check Fee. Monthly Billing Date: First of the Month.  Annual Billing Dates: one year from the date of your contract. 

Renewals: Automatic rental renewals will be charged on your credit card we have on file. It is your responsibility to keep credit card information up to date. If you choose not to pay with a credit card, the renter must pay in advance for the next rental period by the expiration date or we will charge your card. Rent not collected due to an expired credit card will result in a $10/month late fee.

Returns: Returns must be made by the rental expiration date. Late returns will be charged at the monthly rate plus a $10.00/month late fee. Late fees are non-negotiable. Your deposit will be forfeit  for excessive wear and tear.

Past Due Account: Rental payments made after 15th day from the due date will be charged a $10.00 late fee per month (in addition to rental fees). If you are not set up for automatic payment and no payment is made after 15th days, you are allowing us to charge your credit card on file for the rental amount. In cases of non-payment and/or relocation of the renter without a forwarding address, we reserve the right to charge the purchase price of the instrument, minus deposit and any equity, to any credit card on file. In the event that the renter’s account is three or more months delinquent, the renter must forfeit all equity accrued. We reserve the right to use any means available and permitted by law to take possession of unreturned rental instruments and to collect all past due rent, late fees, legal fees, collection cost, and losses due to uninsured damage. Possession of an instrument owned by us constitutes acceptance of the terms of this contract. The rented instrument remains the property of Denver Violins until a final purchase payment is received. We reserve the right to demand the return of an instrument at any time.



1.  Denver Violins reserves the right to assess accidental damage versus gross negligence. Accidental damage includes any maintenance or repairs needed due to an unavoidable circumstance. Accidental damage will not cover instruments that are totaled. We will replace only one damaged instrument per contract. An additional deposit must be paid for the new instrument.

2. We do not cover damages made out of the renter’s possession.


Thank you for supporting small business

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