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American Makers

When we first had the wild idea to start a violin shop of our own, our first goal was to represent the best in modern making. With the ease of communication across broad distances, and a newfound culture of sharing and curiosity, many experts reference our current time period as the “New Golden Era” of violin and bow making!


We are especially excited to be able to showcase a number of fabulous modern American makers. These are makers that we have represented and are currently representing at Denver Violins!

This map is designed for tablet or desktop, so please visit on one of those devices if you are on your phone!

A m e r i c a n M a k e r s o f D e n v e r V i o l i n.jpg

Bow Maker

Instrument Maker

An Interactive Map
C l i c k  o n  t h e  i c o n s  t o  s e e  w h o  l i v e s  n e a r  y o u!

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