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Italy, ca. 1870

A 19th Century Italian Cello

Italian Cello

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Flagstaff, AZ, 2015

A Cello by Arie Werbrouck

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Tecumán, Argentina, 2021

A Cello by Damián Stoppani

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Boise, 2022

A Cello by Dirk Henry

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Chicago, 1993

A Cello by Gary Garavaglia

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Minneapolis, 2023

A Cello by Marinos Glitsos

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Minneapolis, 2022

A Cello by Peter Bingen & Marinos Glitsos

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Minneapolis, 2016

A Cello by William Robert Scott

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Chicago, 2004

A Cello by William Whedbee

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Italy, ca. 1790

An Italian cello possibly by Gaspare Piatellini

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